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Miss Violet DeVille is a trans woman and a class act from a history that never was. She is a steampunk who has found a love of dance, performing, and taking her clothes off for other people in raunchy and entertaining ways! 

Actually, the Timeless Trollop of the Gaslight District has always loved performing and the dancing is the new found bit though she has always loved taking off her clothes, much to the consternation of her family and loved ones.

Miss DeVille broke out onto the Seattle stage in 2010 and began creating memorable and entertaining shows in 2011. She is the executive director at Purple Devil Productions in Seattle. Since then she has toured both coasts and is planning more national and international tours.

When this national performer is not producing and performing in burlesque and cabaret shows, she belly dances and spends far too much time in her workshop building devices to make the world a better place for her. Mad science has never been so sexy!

"We had our childhood memories both resurface and oddly violated with Violet DeVille's performance." - Kiri Callaghan, Nerds in Babeland
"[Violet DeVille] is clever (the gear wheel pasties... BRILLIANT), and a natural performer." - Fosse Jack, The Scarlet Curtain

Visit here for a list of upcoming shows and performances.

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