Guess who's on Twitter now?

by Violet 31. May 2010 22:40

If you said it was me, you'd be right!

You can follow me at

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Are you a fan of Miss Vixen Valentine?

by Violet 31. May 2010 21:56

If not, you should be a fan of my dear friend! She just set up a fan page over on Facebook. You should go now before you do anything else.

I promise you won't be dissappointed in her many talents.

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Beautiful and talented women take the stage on Saturday!

by Violet 27. May 2010 05:42

Beautiful and talented women take the stage on Saturday!

Well, you won't see me on stage this time around, but you will see a dear friend of mine, Miss Vixen Valentine as she performs in the Burlesque 202 Graduation Recital from Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque.

Miss Vixen Valentine will be performing along Betty Nebraska, Octavia Sexton, Mitzy Six, and Bette Sauvage.

There are two shows, 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. I'll be taking in the 7:00 pm show. Tickets are available via Brown Paper Tickets. Will I see you there?

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Social networking has begun!

by Violet 24. May 2010 17:26

I almos feel like I should adding a maniacal laugh after a title like that. But I feel the need to tell you about two new developments in the world of Violet DeVille. More...

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Save the date!

by Violet 19. May 2010 08:04

I had my audition tonight down at the Little Red Studio for their Victorian Fetish Show, the Friday night show as a part of their Little Red Steam, a steampunk festival for the summer.

I'll post more about it when I know more.



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