The muse strikes again

Bathroom selfies never looked so good.
Well, my muse has struck again. I was lying there, half-asleep with my noise-canceling headphones on when the song came on and a fan dance pops into my head.

Much like the Hospital Woman, where I took Florence + the Machine’s Shake It Out and reinterpreted it as an anthem of shaking off society’s imposed shame on queer people, this time I’m reinterpreting a love song.

It was originally a plea from a son to his mother, seeking her approval of his love. Approval and withheld from him.

I hear a trans woman, standing before the vanity, begging herself in the mirror. That love is the love she feels for herself but she doesn’t know if it’s real or not. So she pleads with herself. To be worthy of that love.

Let the act development process begin! Now I just need to build myself a vanity that breaks down and travels easily.


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