Transgender Day of Remembrance

by Violet 20. November 2012 17:30
Photo by Christian Stock.
Rights reserved.

In the midst of all the glitter and glam, I take a moment out once a year to honor those trans people who we lost to acts of hate and fear on the Transgender Day of Remembrance. This is the day where we take stock of our dead and we do it on the 20th of November every year. The victims of this violence are mostly inflicted by others, sometimes by the victim and the group hit hardest every year are women of color.

Society often tells us that trans people don't matter, that we're a punch line to a joke, and less than human. It's crushing. So if you know a trans persons, man or woman, take a moment out of your day and let them know you care. Do it today while we grieve, but also do it every day.

Thank you.


Captain Royale: A Commanding Burlesque Showdown

by Violet 20. November 2012 07:50


You've heard the arguments, I'm sure. It's something that comes up in certain geek circles. Who is the better captain; is it James T. Kirk or Jean Luc Picard? We aim to settle that little score. And then some.

Purple Devil Productions presents
Captain Royale: A Commanding Burlesque Showdown

Ten captains go in.
One captain reigns supreme.
You choose.

CopyrightWe're going to work through our captains in a bracket, pairing them off two at a time and you, the audience, select the winner.

Will it be Captain Kirk, the Final Frontier's play boy or the eternal soldier, Captain America? Will the captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davey Jones, or Captain Morgan rule the seas? Come see these fine specimens of the captain breed fight for their rank and your approval.


  • Morgan LaMay
  • Evilyn Sin Claire
  • Miss Violet DeVille
  • Morgue Anne and The Captain
  • Dahlia Ste Cyr
  • Marcus DeBoyz
  • Candy Apples
  • Queenie O'Hart
  • Sabina Soubrette
  • Stella Vaughn

and hosted by Lilith von Fraumench

January 5th at the Re-Bar

1114 Howell St • Seattle
7:30 pm, doors at 7:00 pm

$13 online via Brown Paper Tickets
$15 at the door
$25 for Premium Seating (front row with a table)
$50 for VIP Seating (on stage seating with a table)

A night electro swing, burlesque, and dancing for you!

by Violet 18. November 2012 00:47

CopyrightThe good folks at Good Co Music are having a CD release party for their debut release, Electro Swing for the Masses on November 27th at the Can Can in Pike Place Market. Sure, the disc came out a couple of months ago but why should that stop us from a good party with swinging beats?

You might be asking yourself, "Just what is electro swing music anyway?" Imagine if you took the music of Cab Calloway, Glenn Miller, and Benny Goodman and applied house music style production techniques of looping, syncing, and samples for a start. If it's still not a clear answer, give Zebra Donkey a listen. 

This party is just $5.
The doors open at 9:00pm for open dancing with a free swing dance lesson at 9:30 pm. 
The band comes on stage at 10:00 pm.

If that weren't enough for you, the very lovely Whisper De Corvo and I will be bringing our fancy lady selves as a compliment to the swinging beats. It'll be a fun and sassy time.

DJ Brackenfern will be spinning the swinging tunes for us.

This is going to be a fantastic way to wind down a Tuesday night.


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