One Sunday afternoon at RustyCon

by Violet 21. January 2011 21:05

I spent last Sunday after I had wrapped up a few obligations hanging out with Morgan LaMay in the space across from the Washington ballrooms. We chatted about a lot of things including producing, general state of life conversations, how the convention went for her and the members of her burlesque troop. Did I mention she's the producer of Tempting Tarts Burlesque? No? Then I am remiss in my duties! What I have seen come out of her troupe which is, admittedly, small and I am planning to rectify that problem.

In any case, while we were talking, a young lady approached us to ask us lots of questions herself. The excitement she had for burlesque and the interest she had in performing was out in the open. You could get the sense from her that she was both intimidated and inspired by the chance to talk to people who actually perform. Not to dismiss her passion, but she really all kinds of adorable. She was seventeen with a birthday in June. I felt kind of bad when I told her that most venues where burlesque is performed are 21 and over due to liquor laws.

Both Morgan and I began pointing her to different resources. Jo Wheldon's "The Burlesque Handbook", videos on YouTube, and so on. I couldn't remember the age for Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque. I said I thought it was 21, but I was wrong. It's 18 unless you have parental permission.

I had a lot of fun chatting with this young lady, but I was brain dead on the last day of the convention I didn't think to get her contact information. I am looking for all ages venues as one of my coworkers at the day job wants to take her daughter to a burlesque show. If I ever find a venue I can afford to do a show in, I was thinking might be a good opportunity for her to start off small and see how big she could get.

But the brain dead zombie is brain dead. If any of you know her by chance, let her know she is free to drop me an e-mail. Enthusiasm for a dream is always a good thing in my book. :)

If you know who I'm talk about, please point her in my direction if you would.

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RustyCon in review

by Violet 19. January 2010 08:07

The private performance that was originally scheduled for this last weekend was canceled for reasons outside of our control. My teacher, who had been the connective tissue for this gig, suffered a death in the family and all of her weekend plans were scrapped right then and she is in my thoughts and hopes.

So I did what only seemed right. I winged it. Wherever and whenever I could, I would dance and wiggle and shimmy*. One of my favorite moments was when I walked onto the stage during the slave auction, walking up the stage, drawing a figure eight with my hips. There are times when objectification is not a bad thing.

I got to see friends I don’t see often. I made a lot of new friends. I met a plethora of dancers, bellydance, burlesque, and even a pole dancer. I even had a stint as a bar tender. Granted, I was making things up as I went along, but I didn’t get any complaints about it. In fact, I heard we had the best bar on the party floor.

* As of this writing, the Shimmy is still the bane of my existence. I can do the shimmy at will now, but doing it in conjunction with another move is a different story.

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