Candisa's Cabaret in review

by Violet 6. February 2011 17:56

Now that I've had a week to come down off of Candisa's Cabaret I think I can finally write about it and my experience producing my first show.

Let me give you the five-thousand feet view of the show: Stars and garters, it was amazing! Far more successful than I dreamed it would be.

Let me break that down a bit for you, dear.

We over sold the house and had to turn people away after putting out another row of chairs in the front and several people on the floor at the foot of the stage. We had ten performances and Jerome Virnich was our host for the evening. The audience was fantastically involved with the show. We couldn't have been more blessed.

  • Aaron Wheeler (The Magic of Aaron Wheeler)
  • Dahlia Ste. Cyr (Minnie Loves Mickey)
  • Peek A Boo Sunshine (Peggy Bundy)
  • Chesty La Rue (Love Stinks)
  • Sailor St. Claire (Hard Boiled)
  • Deseo Carmin (Forbidden Love)
  • Fran of the Red Tent (UnSeelie Self)
  • Violet DeVille (Breaking Up With Death Is Hard To Do)
  • Morgan LaMay (The Evil Queen)
  • Vixen Valentine (Secret)

My host, Jerome Vrinich, was on top of things and led the audience well. Katie Kat was fantastic, adding a little bit more tease to the show in between acts.

My crew was awesome as well, the unsung heroes of the evening. If it wasn't for them, we would've been sitting in a darkened theater and chaos would've been the melody of the evening.

It experience was so rewarding that I'm doing it again. Coming to the Jewelbox Theater on April 9th, "It Came From The Back Stage Door!"

Dress rehearsal last night was hot!

by Violet 7. July 2010 17:32

And I'm not just talking about the temperature outside! Please pardon me for a moment while I fan myself.

How hot was it? Well, the show opens with an aerial hoop routine that is amazing. Then there's Eve's monologue by Mark Twain performed by a lovely lady in not much more than some well placed foliage. There's metal grinding and the Can Can, the plight of a mad scientist from the defendant's box before the magistrate and the passion he has for his science, if you get my meaning. Daniela brings hot suspension action combine with the fervor of sizzling burlesque. If she were any hotter, her rope would've been on fire!

That's just a fraction of what will be on stage. Tickets for the Victorian Fetish Show can be purchased separately and are also included in the VIP and Weekend Pass. Doors open 8:30 with pre-show eye candy and the lights go down at 9:00.
If you want to go and you haven't acquired your tickets yet, you might to think about doing that soon as they're moving fast and seating is limited.

Tickets are available at See you there!

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Miss Violet DeVille performs at the Erotic Steampunk Festival!

by Violet 19. June 2010 22:54

Eros meets Victoriana at the Little Red Studio in a weekend long Steampunk extravaganza!


Little Red Studio’s Erotic Steampunk Festival

July 9, 10, 11


Tickets for this event are available through Brown Paper Tickets.


The Little Red Studio invites you to a weekend of Beauty, Art and the Erotic.


Come see me perform at the event kick off with the Victorian Fetish Show presented by the Little Red Studio Troupe on Friday night. Come see our witty operatic moments combined with dark thumping beats to bring you an exotic and erotic experience you will not forget. Tickets for the Victorian Fetish Show can be purchased separately and are also included in the VIP and Weekend Pass.


Saturday features Abney Park in concert for Two Shows. The Afternoon matinée at 1pm is an all ages show. The 8pm performance is an Adult show for 18+ only. Tickets for both Abney Park concerts can be purchased separately. The 8pm concert is included in the VIP and Weekend Pass.


Also on Saturday the Vendor Faire and Fine Art display open their doors. Starting at 12pm and running through to Sunday evening, come to shop, browse and enjoy the varied wares of our Steampunk vendors.


Corsets, hats, jewelry, trinkets, toys, Victoriana, and more. Vendors can be found in the EM Fine Art gallery next door to the Little Red Studio, where you will also find an amazing selection of original fine art.


On Sunday, VIP and Weekend Pass holders are invited to Afternoon Tea at Three with live erotica reading. Prepare yourself for a delicate afternoon party where proper etiquette meets lascivious minds. Enjoy tea and treats with your friends while being entertained by some of the naughtiest Steampunk authors Seattle has to offer.


Tickets available today!


Little Red Studio

400 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109


Questions? Contact


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RustyCon in review

by Violet 19. January 2010 08:07

The private performance that was originally scheduled for this last weekend was canceled for reasons outside of our control. My teacher, who had been the connective tissue for this gig, suffered a death in the family and all of her weekend plans were scrapped right then and she is in my thoughts and hopes.

So I did what only seemed right. I winged it. Wherever and whenever I could, I would dance and wiggle and shimmy*. One of my favorite moments was when I walked onto the stage during the slave auction, walking up the stage, drawing a figure eight with my hips. There are times when objectification is not a bad thing.

I got to see friends I don’t see often. I made a lot of new friends. I met a plethora of dancers, bellydance, burlesque, and even a pole dancer. I even had a stint as a bar tender. Granted, I was making things up as I went along, but I didn’t get any complaints about it. In fact, I heard we had the best bar on the party floor.

* As of this writing, the Shimmy is still the bane of my existence. I can do the shimmy at will now, but doing it in conjunction with another move is a different story.

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