Updates! Candisa's Cabaret Photos and Vaginomicon

by Violet 27. February 2011 23:17


First, let me direct your attention to the work of Mr. David Greenspan who photographed Candisa's Cabaret for me! His work is always beautiful and well put together! Here is David's Flickr Stream where the full set lives!


Last night was something new for me. If you've known me for any length, I thrive on pushing my buttons, er, boundaries! A wise friend once told me that "if you're not uncomfortable, you're not doing what you need to." Well, I'm pretty comfortable taking off my clothes and entertaining audiences that, but last night was new for me. I did a dramatic reading at Vaginomicon, a small literary theater event celebrating Women In Horror Month, of Jenna M. Pitman's "Pink Heaven". As soon as I have photos from the show, I will share them with you!

Lastly, my application to perform at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival has been submitted! Let the waiting begin!

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Photographs and Performance! Oh my!

by Violet 8. February 2011 08:24

Good evening, my lovelies!

You may have noticed that there are two new links on my little bungalow on the web. I've updated my Performance Schedule (and tacked a link there at the menu!) and I've organized photos from Gallow's Quest and made room for the photos that are coming for Candisa's Cabaret!

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Photos from Gallows Quest

by Violet 24. November 2010 22:41

Before the show on November 18th, Daniel Zetterstrom, of CanPhoto.se, shot photos of the performers. Here are just a couple of me.

(C) Canphoto.se, Daniel Zetterstrom


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